Clients have included

  • Bosley Associates (consultants)
  • Yorkshire Forward
  • Basic Skills Agency
  • Questor International (medical market research company)
  • Research Psychologists
  • London Business School
  • Warwick Business School
  • Rotherham Health Authority
  • PhD Academic Researchers
  • Unilever Marketing Academy
  • CENTRIM, University of Brighton
  • Sheffield Hallam School of Education
  • Loughborough University Business School
  • Sheffield University School of Education
  • Sheffield University School of Management
  • Sheffield Hallam University Business School
  • Nottingham Trent University Business School
  • University of Central England Business School
  • Kingston University, Small Business Research Centre

All clients have received excellent, dedicated, professional attention and work has been delivered to the highest of standards to meet all deadlines stipulated and agreed.  The client testimonials which follow bear witness to the services provided.

Audio Transcription Service

I find Maria (of MB Secretarial Services) great to work with.  She is friendly, clear, professional and responsive.  I have been particularly impressed by her efficiency as she has completed all my transcriptions well in advance of our agreed deadlines.  Email contacts have allowed quick, easy communications and enabled me to access transcripts as soon as Maria completed them.  Importantly, I have faith in Maria's discretion regarding the confidentiality of material in my interviews.

Before taking on my work, Maria clearly explained her charging system and readily agreed to present my transcripts in the way I specified.

I first learnt of Maria's work from a colleague and I have, in turn, recommended her to friends, and would gladly do so to others.

Sara Bosley, Bosley Associates

Maria Bradley has been working for me for three years, primarily transcribing research interviews.  This is painstaking work, as tapescript quality can be variable, but Maria has always provided a speedy, reliable, highly professional and friendly service.  Maria is extremely accommodating and adaptable - and willing to work to tight deadlines.

Over the years I have recommended MB Secretarial Services to a number of University colleagues, and will certainly continue to do so in the future.

Dr Laurie Cohen, Loughborough University Business School

Maria Bradley provides a service second to none.  Whether it be for a corporate client who needs interviews transcribed, or for my own research, she always does transcription work to the highest standard I have experienced.  Maria Bradley is high quality and high reliability.  She delivers on time and ensures that the meaning of the transcriptions make sense - and all of this at very reasonable rates.

Ben Bryant, Fellow, Centre for Management Development, London Business School

I have used MB Secretarial Services on several research projects.  I have been impressed by the speed and accuracy of transcription and also by Maria's ability to engage with the subject matter and decipher complex speech.

Emma Bell, Lecturer in Organisational Behaviour, Industrial Relations and Organisational Behaviour Group, Warwick Business School

Document Processing

You have made a very considerable and at times vital contribution to our business and to the ways in which we think about it.  Whilst sometimes being at the remove of activity, I know how much you have worked and something about the spirit you have brought to your work.  My sincere hope is that you will stay working with us, putting up with our moods and the pressures we exert.  Whatever occurs this year, know that you are highly regarded as an essential element.  Thank you for all the support and endeavour demonstrated.  We feel secure that our trust and confidence in you is not in any way misplaced.  Thank you for what you have contributed to date.

John Krachai, Managing Director, Counter Context Limited

I am a self employed Training Consultant.  In a professional capacity I have known Maria Bradley for approximately three years. Throughout this period I have contracted all my training support work to MB Secretarial Services.  This includes Training Manuals, Management Workbooks and Business Proposals.  I have found the services offered by Maria to be excellent.  Quality, consistency, reliability and presentation are all part of a highly recommended business, MB Secretarial Services.

Christine Thompson, Thompson Training Services