It is company policy to quote on the basis of the number of words generated pro rata.  This applies to all tapes regardless of content, whether transcription of in-depth one to one interviews, transcription of focus groups or other group meetings, report commentary, dictation of stories/novels and all manner of general correspondence.  Please note that transcription is provided verbatim, whilst also taking on board any specific client requirements.

However, it should be noted that the rate per 1000 words applies where tapes presented for transcription are of good sound quality, having been set up with proper regard to avoidance of interference, whether from external sources or poor recording facilities and/or equipment.

Where tapes are agreed to be of poor quality, but attempt at transcription of material is still required, a rate of £10.00 per hour will apply.  It should be noted, however, that where the quality of the tape is deemed to be too poor to even attempt transcription, the right is reserved to return tapes, with a charge made to cover postage.

Please note that VAT is not applicable.  For further information regarding charges, please follow the link to pricing whilst bearing in mind the client testimonials featured, which should perhaps be read in the first instance to gauge the quality of service offered.

Transcription facilities are offered to cater for three audio cassette tape sizes as shown below, but clients are advised wherever possible to work with standard tape cassettes as the quality of recording generated from these tends to be far more robust.

1.     Standard Cassettes

2.     Micro Cassettes

3.     Mini Cassettes